Monday, November 9, 2009

It Always Happens in Threes...

Okay, by some cosmic oversight, I'm somehow in 3 Treasuries all at the same time, lol. I figured I better document this in my captain's log before I find out I'm living in an alternate universe or something!

First, Little Red Riding Hood Lost in Manhattan is making a very contextual appearance here thanks to A Knit-Thing.


Check out her adorable stuffed toys! Like Zora:

Zora the handspun, handknitted, eco-friendly wool bear

Next, Nicole from MagneticallyYours (a fellow hitchhiker :-)) showcased some beautiful blues, including my Ambition earrings, from the Handmade Highway.

little bits of blue

Check out Nicole's Christmas Tree Lanyard!

Finally, my Key Lime Freeze earrings made it into VaDaVelle's Lime and Chocolate collection!

lime and chocolate

VaDaVelle has the cutest decor for a child's room! Check out this Polka Dot Bug!

Well, that's it! I don't think I've ever been in 3 Treasuries as the same time before, so now it's documented for all eternity. Thanks so much to the sellers who featured my work!


ETA: Still plenty of time to enter my giveaway!