Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Absence and Workspace Confession....

Where have I been for a week? Well, I'll tell you. Last week I was completely surprised (and honored) to be featured on Etsy's blog: Etsians Help Clean the Gulf. I've never been featured there before, and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on, lol. I had a small cluster of sales and then the cluster got bigger and then that cluster had a bunch of babies, and the next thing I knew, I was out of my crucial supplies, bubble mailers, business cards, packing tape, pre-made freebies, and ink in my printer. I had to go on a hunt to figure out where the publicity was coming from and eventually, I found the article and was like WOWZA! I ran out of EVERYTHING, lol. It was fabulous to be featured--beyond fabulous--and to date I've raised $115 for the American Bird Conservancy, and I'm not stopping! I'm fully re-stocked now. I generally like to spread out my overhead purchases such as mailers, ink, tape, biz cards, etc., but this month, that went out the window.

So, this morning I unpacked a ton of supplies that arrived and finally cleaned up my workspace a bit. Then I took a picture of it to remind me that I do in fact know how to keep it neat. Now, when I saw that this is my workspace, I mean that it's about 1/10 of my workspace because my 'studio' spans my entire apartment except for my bedroom and bathroom. Some day, I'll take a picture of a different section. I should do it today while everything's relatively tidy, lol.

Have a great day!

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