Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vacation Pictures-Lots of Sun and Fun

I went on Vacation over Memorial Day weekend and got to go see my adorable nieces. The youngest, Reese, had a ballet recital. If you follow my blog, you know that I love to shop handmade for my nieces, so in addition to going to the recital and swimming at the pool, we also played with the ribbon wands I bought for them a while ago. So here are some pics from my vacation...

The girls after the recital:

A close-up shot of little Reese...4 years old but still tiny:

Of Riley, who's 6...

And Addison, who's 7:

And here they are having lots of fun with the ribbon wands:

We played a game they had called Pictureka! which was a lot of fun, as was Twister Hopscotch. It's a variation of Twister that involves hopscotch, but you can make your own layouts and your own rules and our game ended up becoming, "Don't Get Eaten by the Alligator." I used to teach young children, so I always look forward to seeing my nieces and playing with them. I'm amazed by how smart they are, they're reading and math levels are amazing. Even little Reese tries to read and spell right along with the big girls. She can't STAND IT when they can do something she can't! We were playing at the pool and she dipped a paintbrush in the water and proceeded to spell her name for me upside down because we were facing each other. She didn't have a hard time picturing it that way, and I was pretty amazed that she could do that. She can swim like a champ, too.

I'm sure I'll see them again this summer. According to my sister, Reese is already asking when I'm coming back. "Tomorrow?" she wants to know...

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