Friday, June 11, 2010

My Future Imaginary Craft Room

Right now, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment that in no way resembles an apartment anymore. I bead; I stamp jewelry; I write and run the Handmade Highway. I tell everyone who might be dropping by that I live in a studio that just happens to have a bed.  One day, though, I dream of having at the very least a 2 bedroom apartment so I can have my very own craft room.  If I did, I'd adorn the walls and stock the shelves with things like these...

And this is just round 1.  Well, a girl can dream....



  1. I love your future craft room picks. I've never seen the wall pockets before, but can see where they would be very useful. Thanks for inlcuding my old wooden drawer.

  2. What a great craft room this would be!! Thanx for including my vintage spice jars. Would work well for beads and all little crafty things!

  3. You're awesome! Thank you so much for including my print.

    P.S. I bet your studio is totally rad, even with the bed.


  4. Sounds like a great place!
    Thanks for including my bowls as pasrt of your decor!
    Kim B

  5. Thanks for posting our Wall Pockets! We are currently transforming our home office/laundry room :) into a two person office so your photos have definitely helped us think about organization! Looking forward to following you more. Good luck!