Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go Crafty or Go Home

Lately, I've been in a very celebratory mood when it comes to crafting. I think part of it is because our culture in America is changing. When I was in school, being a crafty kid didn't get you very far. If you wanted to crochet during lunch, you could count on sitting by yourself. If as you grew older, you still enjoyed playing with beads or god forbid, making potholders, Christmas ornaments out of walnuts, or latch hook rugs, you might as well not leave the house. Not anymore. Our culture is evolving into one with a real appreciation for crafting talent. College kids have knitting needles in their backpacks for those long lags between classes; guys who can handle a sewing machine are viewed as modern super-heroes instead of losers. Women who can handle a saw and a torch are--dare I say it--sexy. DIY TV shows are ruling the air waves. We're no longer merely judged on what we know or what sport we play but on what talents we have and what we can create. The crafter and the geek are becoming people we idolize instead of mock. In that spirit, I bring you a few Etsy items that celebrate this new reality...go crafty or go home!

(had to include this because I'M inspired by this whole movement!)

*Whew* I don't know about you, but I'm tuckered out now!!! Stay tune for tomorrow's I'd decorate my dream craft room.



  1. Great blog post! thank you so much for including my sewing machine shirt along with all these other great items! BTW, guys who can handle a sewing machine are TOTALLY sexy :)

  2. super terrific feature! thanks so much!

    Handmade is good for the planet and good for the soul. Long may it live and thrive!

  4. Great post! Thank you so much for including me in this fabulous collection :)