Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deal of the Day - June 26, 2010 - My Etsy Guide to Success for only $5.95

Hi, everyone! Starting today, I'm going to have a deal of the day thru the end of June. I'm using a new service called Bixbe developed by 1000 Markets. (The 2 sites are not related.) Bixbe allows you to set up a listing and sell anything (that's legal!) directly to folks without going through a venue. There are no fees (except PayPal) and you can set the listing to expire for up to 2 weeks. Today's deal is my Etsy guide to success: How to Make It Small When You're Trying to Make It Big. Click below to purchase to get my book for $3 off the regular price.

I'm Selling This:

How to Make It Sm...

Buy Now!

Have a great day!!


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